LR-JET Weight & Balance

LR-JET Weight & Balance is an application that simplifies and speeds up the process of performing your weight and balance calculations.

Set up your specific aircraft configuration the first time you use LR-JET Weight & Balance, and then just enter your fuel, passenger and baggage weights. The application does the rest, showing you the loaded weight, center of gravity and the forward and aft CG limits in inches or percent of MAC.

LR-JET Weight & Balance will store as many profiles as you need. Whether you fly a single aircraft, multiple aircraft, or one or more aircraft in several different configurations, all of those profiles can be stored so that they are ready when you need them.

LR-JET Weight & Balance currently supports Learjet models 31A, 35A, 36A, 55, and 60.

This application is not endorsed or supported by any entity outside of Altaica Digital, Inc.