My name is Larry Fransson. I am the sole developer, support agent, and anything else behind Altaica Digital and the LR-JET Weight & Balance application. I have been a full-time professional pilot since 1996.

LR-JET Weight & Balance grew out of a spreadsheet I created back when the Palm Pilot was the state of the art. I was working in air ambulance, where we were using tabular data for our weight and balance. Eventually, it became clear that the FAA was not going to allow us to keep that, so I created a spreadsheet to make it easy to quickly calculate weight and CG when conditions changed, like when the number of passengers wasn't what was initially expected. Eventually, along came the iPhone 3G and the ability to create custom applications for it. LR-JET Weight & Balance followed shortly thereafter.

The application was built only with Learjets in mind because that's all I was flying at the time. As a result, adapting it to any other type would be very difficult. It also needs to keep up with the times. My current project is to build an updated version of the application that will be able to handle any aircraft type. I want it to be more full-featured. I am also trying to build it with Apple's current application technology, which has a steep learning curve. Between that, a full-time job in air cargo, and a family, it's slow going. But I'm working on it!